How Can I Pick Up Item In LBC?

How does LBC pick up work?

Here’s how it works: The buyer will add LBC as a pick up point, instead of having it delivered at home, office, or meet ups.

Payment will be made upon pick up.

With this, the buyer is assured that he’ll get the products in mint condition..

How does cash on pick up work?

A cash pickup is a way in which the beneficiary in a currency exchange can access their money. They typically collect the funds, in cash, from a physical location, rather than having them paid into a bank account.

How much is Balikbayan box in LBC?

LBC BALIKBAYAN BOX $100.00 for Jumbo size box (24x18x24). Anywhere in Philippines just one price.

Does LBC deliver on Sunday?

No Sunday Delivery. Some areas may exceed 24 hours. With more than 2,500 couriers available, our door-to-door delivery serves you nothing but convenience.

Can LBC pick up and deliver?

LBC Express delivers daily, with the exception of National Holidays and Sundays. Do you pick-up and/or deliver nationwide? LBC Online offers both branch drop off and rider pick-up services. Delivery services are available nationwide.

How long does it take to get package from LBC?

How long does LBC take to deliver? LBC delivery lead times vary between two days up to 30 days depending on the origin and destination of the package.

How much is LBC cash on pick up?

LBC is launching the Cash on Pick-up (COP) P80 Pasabog Promo. Starting on June 1, 2019 until August 31, 2019, LBC will charge a fixed rate of only 80 pesos for LBC COP transactions of shipments up to 3 kgs.!

How many days Cop LBC?

“How many days will it take for my item to arrive? “ Delivery time is 1-5 working days starting from our receipt of your proof of payment, or 1-5 days from your order confirmation (for LBC COD/COP).

Does LBC have same day delivery?

LBC offers next day delivery for both metro and most provincial destinations, while Xend offers next day metro delivery and two ( 2 ) to three ( 3 ) days provincial delivery.

Which is cheaper JRS or LBC?

Many online sellers and e-commerce shops rely on JRS Express because their rates are cheaper than other courier companies like LBC. The shipping rate for a one-pound package within Metro Manila, for example, is only ₱130 compared to ₱145 for LBC. Online tracking of your shipment is possible through their website.

What is cash on payment?

Cash on delivery (COD) is a type of transaction in which the recipient makes payment for a good at the time of delivery. … Cash on delivery can also be referred to as collect on delivery since delivery may allow for cash, check, or electronic payment.

How do I send a parcel through LBC?

For sellersBring sold items at an LBC branch for shipping.Fill up a receptable form indicating where the items will be sent. … Pay the corresponding shipping fee.The seller will receive an SMS from LBC once the buyer has received the item.