Question: Are Watches Allowed In SSB?

What should I wear to SSB in winter?

SSB Interview Winter Dress CodeTwo pair of formal shirts.Tow pair of formal trousers.Tie ( Optional)Blazer/ Sweater (as per your comfort)Formal Shoe well polished.Leather belt well polished..

What is risk certificate for SSB?

Risk certificate is essential for all candidates because sometimes few candidates get injured during SSB interviews. So parent/guardian of candidate has to give risk certificate mentioning that he will not claim any compensation or insist for retest.

How can I prepare for SSB?

Most of the candidates avoid reading current affairs. But current affairs can be asked at any stage of the SSB interview. Hence, make sure that you go through the headlines of newspapers daily. For this, you can purchase ‘Pratiyogita Darpan’ magazine and ‘The Hindu’ newspaper for reading current affairs.

Is English necessary for SSB interview?

In short, the simple answer is “NO”, it is not necessary to speak in English in SSB Interview. If you are not comfortable in English you can answer in Hindi, even you can use Hindi to write the responses in Psychological tests.

What should a woman wear to an Army interview?

For Screening Day You can wear formal trouser/jeans along with a smart shirt or a decent top or even salwar-kurta, or jeans-kurti, you can wear sport shoes or formal shoes as your wish.

What should I wear in SSB?

Dark colour trouser and light colour shirt, tie or blazer with formal shoes for males and for females, any formal shirt with pants, with shoes or saree, blazer. Formal dress can be used for screening as well as for personal interview so candidates should carry two sets of formal dress.

Can I clear SSB without coaching?

The simple answer to this question is yes, absolutely possible. The officers at the Service Selection Board are looking for an average intelligent person and chances are you may be already one. However, it could prove to be a bit difficult for one to clear SSB without knowing every little detail in advance.

Is virginity important for SSB?

SSB only want Unmarried female or Widow women candidates and there should be no detection of pregnancy at any point of time during process of commissioning ie from Selection and recommendation till end of your Training.

Is clean shave necessary for SSB?

Always have a clean shave and get your hairs cut properly before you appear for SSB. Leadership skills: A big yes to this quality. It is one of the OLQ’s that one must inculcate. … The command task specially recognizes these skills.

Can I change my SSB interview date?

Call the allotted board: Best thing is to call the allotted SSB and ask them to prepone or postpone the SSB interview date for you, you may or may not get the different date. … Fax the same, you will get the phone, e-mail and fax details in the call letter or you may check Services Selection Board contact details.

Is mobile phone allowed in SSB?

Where are mobile phones strictly prohibited during SSB Interview? Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the testing area, you must not have a mobile phone in any state whether on or off with you during any test.

What should I carry for SSB interview?

List of Documents to Carry for SSB interviewCall Letter.10th/12th Mark sheet & Certificate (Original & 2 Photocopy)Graduation/Post Graduation Degree (final year students must bring a certificate form principal)NCC Certificate (Original & Photocopy) (If applicable)Valid Commercial Pilots License, issued by DCGA (If applicable)More items…

Is Moustache allowed in SSB?

Play It Safe With Ink, Piercings, and Facial Hair: Try avoiding piercings in eyebrows or chins (For lady candidates, nose piercing is absolutely fine). Male candidates must shave before the interview and keep their moustache trimmed and shaped.

Are white shoes compulsory for SSB?

You must also carry a pair of white PT/sports shoes along with 3 pairs of white socks. OTHER CLOTHING: You must also bring woolen clothing with you if the weather demands.

What should I wear on the first day of SSB?

Wear a dark-colored suit or blazer (navy, dark gray/charcoal, or black) with a white shirt in winter and a plain white shirt in summer. Wear black formal trousers, but make sure they are neither too baggy nor too skintight. Choose a conservative tie (either in black or navy blue). Avoid bow ties or busy patterns.