Question: Can You Have 2 Phone Numbers On One Cell Phone AT&T?

Here’s how to set it up on an Android phone (different versions of Android may vary).

Go to Phone app > Call settings > Additional settings > Call forwarding.

You then have the option to set up your phone to send calls to your second phone.

You just need to enter the phone number..

Can you have the same phone number on 2 SIM cards?

A Dual SIM card phone is a phone with two SIM cards. Each SIM card gives you a phone number and a connection to the phone network. It can hold two numbers and two identities at once. You can make or receive calls and send or receive texts on either number and you can give each number only to the people that you chose.

How can I get a specific cell phone number?

How to Choose Your Own Mobile NumberCall your service provider or go online to your service provider’s website. If you want to change your service provider, contact the new service provider by going to its website or calling.Ask a representative if and how you can select your own cell-phone number from a list of numbers.

How can I use two numbers in one SIM card?

To use the two numbers one will be required to put either of the numbers in call forwarding mode and if one number is busy, the call will automatically be forwarded to another number. For dialing, one will have to use dial 1 and 2 options and dial the use the number one wishes to.

How can I keep my cell phone number without a plan?

Keep Your Phone Number Forever by Porting to Google Voice You will need to contact your service provider before porting your number to let them know your intentions. The port WILL cause the line to terminate, but most cell providers will allow you to port a number, then replace it with a new number at no charge.

Can you have 2 cell phone numbers on one phone?

Google Voice is a service that allows you to have two phone numbers that call the same phone. … Anytime somebody calls your business number, it goes directly to your personal phone or whatever phone you have it forward calls to.

How can I get another phone number?

Create a forwarding number with Google Voice To sign up, head to and choose “For Personal Use” for the free tier. You’ll be able to pick a phone number, attach it to your Google Account, and forward calls and texts from that number to your existing phone(s)—even an old flip phone.

Can I use 2 phone numbers on my iPhone?

With iOS 13 and later, both of your phone numbers can make and receive voice and FaceTime calls and send and receive messages using iMessage, SMS, and MMS. Your iPhone can use one cellular data network at a time. 1.

What is the best free app for a second phone number?

Burner is a cell phone number app that can be used for free calling, picture messaging and texting. It allows you to create many simultaneous numbers you like. Features: Burner phone application helps you to create disposable numbers with ease.

How can I get another phone number for free?

TextNow. Available for iPhone and Android devices, TextNow is an 11-year-old app that gives you a secondary number for incoming and outgoing calls and text messages. It works on Mac and Windows computers and tablets, too. All calls and texts to and from the U.S. and Canada are free.