Quick Answer: Is Devil’S Bridge Trail Dangerous?

Is Devil’s Bridge kid friendly?

easy for kids, but it is a long walk to the trailhead if you park in the parking lot.

I suggest parking at the trailhead if your vehicle is a four wheel drive..

Is Broken Arrow Trail open?

Area Status: Open Broken Arrow Trail is an easy and popular hike on a good trail with great red rock scenery. The trail is unshaded and can be hot in summer.

Why do they call it the Devil’s Bridge?

Like many similarly precarious spans across Europe, the Rakotzbrücke is known as a “devil’s bridge,” due to the colloquialism that such bridges were so dangerous or miraculous that they must have been built by Satan.

Why is it called Devil’s Bridge Wales?

The name in 1629 was Pont ar Vynach or Pontarfynach, meaning Bridge over the Mynach. The word Mynach is Welsh for monk; one theory is that the river got its name from the fact that it was near land owned by a monastery.

Where are the 4 vortexes in Sedona?

The four best known Sedona vortexes are found at Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon—each radiating its own particular energy. Some are thought to produce energy flowing upward while at others the energy spirals downward, entering the earth.

How do you get to the birthing cave in Sedona?

Start on the Long Canyon Trail and after a little bit, you’ll pass by a golf course on the right side. Once you’ve been walking for 0.6 from the trailhead, you’ll reach a fork in the road. The left side will be blocked by a log. Take that path and you’ll see a barbed wire on the right side.

How was Devil’s Bridge formed?

Despite its name, the rock formation is technically an arch, not a bridge — it was created by wind and weather erosion and not by flowing water. Nevertheless, it’s an impressive landmark that ranks as the largest natural sandstone arch in the area.

Has anyone died at Devil’s Bridge?

Accidents and Deaths only one involved a fall from the actual bridge.

How long does it take to Hike Devil’s Bridge?

Approximately two hoursApproximately two hours round trip. You will spend some time on the bridge taking pictures. Also on way back down take the path that gets you right under the bridge. You can also hire a four wheel company tour to get you closer to the bridge.

Who built the Devil’s Bridge?

Friedrich Hermann RotschkeThe park was commissioned by the knight of Kromlau and a nature lover in the 19th century, Friedrich Hermann Rotschke. It is 200 acres wide and composed of beautiful landscape with scenic Gothic architecture; and of course the mysterious Devil’s Bridge.

How tall is Devil’s Bridge?

54 feet tallThe Devil’s Bridge is the largest natural arch in the area of Sedona–it stands 54 feet tall, is 5 feet across and about 45 feet long.

How much does it cost to get into Slide Rock?

Slide Rock State ParkFee TypePrice in US $Daily Entrance – Monday – Thursday: Per Vehicle Daily Entrance – Friday-Sunday: Per Vehicle (1-4 Adults)20.00 30.00Daily Entrance: Individual/Bicycle3.00

Do I need a pass to hike in Sedona?

A Red Rock Pass (or America The Beautiful Interagency Pass, Golden Age or Golden Access) is required when leaving your vehicle unattended while recreating on National Forest land around Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. View the Red Rock Country Map to see locations of fee areas where the Red Rock Pass is required.

How difficult is Devil’s Bridge hike?

Devil’s Bridge is the largest natural sandstone arch in the Sedona area. Don’t let its name fool you: it’s one of the most heavenly sights in an area famous for them. From a trailhead elevation of 4,600 feet, there’s a mere 400 foot climb in altitude during this moderately difficult, 1.8-mile roundtrip trek.

Do you need a Red Rock Pass for Devils Bridge?

Red Rock Pass: You will need to purchase a Red Rock Pass for this hike. The day pass costs $5 and you display it in your car window at the parking lot.

Why is Sedona so spiritual?

Sedona is famous for its so-called vortex sites, spots where the earth’s energy is supposedly increased, leading to self-awareness and various kinds of healing. (Think of them as spiritual hot tubs without the water.)