Quick Answer: What Does Ambivalence Mean?

What is the opposite of ambivalent?

Opposite of a state of uncertainty or indecisiveness.




What is an example of ambivalence?

Ambivalence: Ambivalence is the quality or state of having conflicting feelings toward something. Example: Henry was infamous among his friends for his ambivalence on where to eat, so they did not ask him to break the stalemate in choosing a restaurant.

Is Ambivalence a bad thing?

Whether we’re aware of it or not, most of us view ambivalence as a mindset to be avoided. Decades of research have shown that holding both negative and positive attitudes about something makes us uncomfortable and anxious. More often than not, ambivalence is regarded as a weakness that causes unnecessary conflict.

What is emotional ambivalence?

Emotional ambivalence is a particularly complex emotion characterized by tension and conflict that is felt when someone experiences both positive and negative emotions simultaneously. … But in some negotiations, showing emotional ambivalence can actually be an asset.

How do you deal with an ambivalent partner?

Be aware if anxiety is taking you away from yourself, and return to a healthy sense of who you are.Be willing to take the long view. … Dont play the role of therapist with your partner.Dont pressure your partner or try to solve their dilemma for them.Avoid numbing or self-defeating behaviors.More items…•

What is ambivalent value?

Ambivalence will emerge when two (or more) goals valued by an individual are in conflict regarding the same attitudinal object. The individual becomes ambivalent about the object to which they both reference, not as much when regarding the individual goals themselves.

What is ambivalent attachment in adults?

A person with an ambivalent attachment style is constantly looking for proof of love and affection. They are distrustful of others and seek to verify the relationship, often with extreme behaviors that can backfire and alienate the other person.

What’s a word that means don’t care?

without interest or concern; not caring; apathetic: his indifferent attitude toward the suffering of others. having no bias, prejudice, or preference; impartial; disinterested.

What is an ambivalent man?

For the ambivalent man, the inability to commit in an emotionally valid way may, paradoxically, reflect an emotionally vulnerable self that he is afraid to recognize out of fear that it will overwhelm him or make him less of a man. … Trying to get an ambivalent player to commit is a losing proposition for most women.

Can someone love and hate you at the same time?

When we feel both love and hate, we can consider ourselves to be emotionally ambivalent. This does not mean that we feel hate first and then love, or vice versa. Emotional ambivalence means that these two emotions, love and hate, don’t substitute each other, but rather coexist together, without displacing one another.

What is an ambivalent friendship?

An ambivalent friend is someone who awakes feelings of uncertainty. Ambivalent friends are distinguished as having positive and negative feelings for a person; these types of friendships are riddled with conflict and interdependence.

How do you know if a guy has intimacy issues?

Signs of fear of intimacy may include: avoiding physical/sexual contact or having an insatiable sexual appetite, difficulty with commitment, history of unstable relationships, low self-esteem, bouts of anger, isolation, difficulty forming close relationships, difficulty sharing feelings, difficulty showing emotion, and …

Why do guys shut down emotionally?

A man shuts down emotionally because he is afraid of how his woman will react if he expresses his feelings. This might worsen the relationship or even lead to the end of it. Emotional overload can be repaired when both stops defending themselves and slowly express their feelings without hurting each other.

What are words for not caring?

non-caring / synonymsindifferent. adj.disinterested. adj.impassive. adj.pococurante. adj.aloof. adj.apathetic. adj.neutral. adj.unresponsive. adj.More items…

What’s it called when you feel every emotion at once?

“With alexithymia, people often know that they are experiencing an emotion but don’t know which emotion it is,” she explains.

How do you use the word ambivalence?

Ambivalence sentence examplesHe felt an ambivalence about the nature of the inmates. … Clearly, the historical turn of events from non-violence to nuclear armament, suggest a deep ambivalence about Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy. … In the short term, such ambivalence is not a problem.More items…

What is a detached personality?

Emotional detachment is an inability or unwillingness to connect with other people on an emotional level. For some people, being emotionally detached helps protect them from unwanted drama, anxiety, or stress. For others, the detachment isn’t always voluntary.

Is it normal to feel uncertain at the beginning of a relationship?

Although uncertainty in relationships can be quite normal, feeling unsettled and doubting your relationship can make you anxious, restless, and unhappy. … Having doubts about your relationship can be a sign that something is not as good as it could be – in your relationship, within yourself, and often both.

Is Ambivalence a positive symptom of schizophrenia?

We recently found that ambivalence in schizophrenia as measured by questionnaire was associated with depression and state-related negative emotion, but it was not significantly associated with schizophrenia symptoms (i.e., positive, negative, or disorganized; Docherty et al., 2014).

What does it mean when someone is ambivalent?

: having or showing simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings toward something or someone : characterized by ambivalence … people whose relationship to their job is ambivalent, conflicted.—

What is another word for Ambivalent?

What is another word for ambivalent?equivocalconflictingirresolutemixeduncertainundecidedunresolvedunsurevacillatingwavering223 more rows

What causes ambivalence in a relationship?

Both partners are in a relationship that isn’t the way they want it to be, but neither is able to leave. This is the essence of ambivalence. The preoccupation with separation, either wanting more separation, or being afraid of separation from the other, is the foundation of the anxiety that the relationship sits on.

Can emotionally unavailable man fall in love?

A guy who is emotionally unavailable won’t fall in love with just any woman. He’ll need to feel that you’re independent, in control and not there just to mess around. … Getting on with your own life will only make him work harder to become a part of it, and eventually this effort could lead to real love.