Quick Answer: What Does Fib Stand For In GTA 5?

What is the IAA?

The agency (or major organizational unit within an agency) that requests goods or services from another agency or unit through an interagency agreement.

7) Types of Interagency Agreements The term IAA can encompass agreements between Treasury and other agencies or between Treasury Bureaus for products or services..

Does Franklin have a girlfriend in GTA 5?

It is also a place where you can find a girlfriend for any of the 3 characters: Franklin, Michael and Trevor. A girlfriend in GTA 5 is more like a companion or someone your character can occasionally hang out with.

Where is the FBI in GTA 5?

The FBI building is not located in an isolated place or a secret compound. Actually the building is located in the centre of the city and happens to be one of the most prominent buildings of GTA 5. The facility is located at the intersection of Power Street and San Andreas Avenue in Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Santos.

What does fib stand for?

to tell an untruthVerb (1) lie, prevaricate, equivocate, palter, fib mean to tell an untruth. lie is the blunt term, imputing dishonesty.

Is the FIB in GTA real?

The FIB is based on the real-life Federal Bureau of Investigation. It is suggested that, just like the real-life FBI, the FIB has the role of an internal intelligence agency and a federal criminal investigative body. As seen in Grand Theft Auto V, they also do domestic surveillance and counterterrorism.

What is the IAA in real life?

IAA stands for International Affairs Agency, and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) deals with international missions/issues. They have a sort of rivalry in real life as well, since the FBI deals with domestic problems and the CIA deals only with international problems.

What’s the difference between a lie and a fib?

A fib is a small lie. The thing that distinguishes a fib from a lie is that a fib isn’t terribly important — it’s minor or petty. …

Is fib a word?

fib n. (informal) A lie, especially one that is more or less inconsequential. fib n. (informal, rare) A liar.

What is fib texting?

Meaning. FIB. Fill-In-The-Blank.

Why is it called FIB in GTA 5?

General. In HD Universe, Rockstar changed the name of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) into the Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) because of legal issues with the real Federal Bureau of Investigation.

What does IAA stand for in GTA 5?

International Affairs AgencyWe all know you Agency boys are ball deep in a plot to drive up your funding by any means necessary. Steve Haines. The International Affairs Agency ​(IAA) is an intelligence agency featured in Grand Theft Auto IV (as the U.L. Paper) and Grand Theft Auto V.

Who is Franklin’s girlfriend?

Elisa MacallenElisa Macallen | GTA Wiki | Fandom.

Is Franklin CJ’s son?

CJ and Franklin are not related.