Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Praedial?

What does regality mean?

noun, plural re·gal·i·ties.

royalty, sovereignty, or kingship.

a right or privilege pertaining to a sovereign.

a kingdom.

(in Scotland) territorial jurisdiction of a royal nature formerly conferred by the sovereign..

What does ination mean?

: the process of being formally accepted as a member of a group or organization : the process of being initiated. : a ceremony or series of actions that makes a person a member of a group or organization. : the act of starting something : the beginning of something.

Can you build on a servitude?

Meaning you are not allowed to build there without the consent from the neighbour etc. If a servitude registrar at the deeds office it must be for something, and to be shown on the title deeds, either for services, like sewer, water or electricity, or access to other erven.

What is a laborious person?

If you said someone was laborious, that would (if anything) mean that they were hard work to listen to. In other words, they laboured over their words, talked in a monotone, and repeated themselves.

What does difficult mean?

adjective. not easily or readily done; requiring much labor, skill, or planning to be performed successfully; hard: a difficult job. hard to understand or solve: a difficult problem.

Is regally a word?

re·gal. adj. 1. Of or relating to a monarch; royal.

What does bellowed mean?

1 : to make the loud deep hollow sound characteristic of a bull. 2 : to shout in a deep voice. transitive verb. : bawl bellows the orders.

What does Praedial servitude mean?

Praedial servitudes In the case of a praedial servitude, the right is held by the owner of a piece of land, the dominant land. This right is held over a servient property. A person has the right by virtue of being owner of the property. The servitude is inseparably attached to the land.

What does royal mean?

1a : of kingly ancestry the royal family. b : of, relating to, or subject to the crown the royal estates. c : being in the crown’s service Royal Air Force.

When can a servitude be terminated?

Sections 75(1) and 76(1) of the DRA allows for the registration of servitudes for a limited period and they may terminate on a certain event, for example, a water servitude may be expressed to terminate when a local authority is formed to supply water. That is covering the whole of the servient property.

What is the meaning of Gruelling?

: trying or taxing to the point of exhaustion : punishing a grueling race.

What does laboriously mean?

adjective. requiring much work, exertion, or perseverance: a laborious undertaking. characterized by or requiring extreme care and much attention to detail: laborious research. characterized by or exhibiting excessive effort, dullness, and lack of spontaneity; labored: a strained, laborious plot.