Quick Answer: What Is The Passive Voice Of Help The Poor?

Do you help the poor change into passive voice?

The poor were helped by him.

This is the correct form of the sentence in passive voice.

The poor comes before in the sentence whereas in the original sentence the form is with him coming first.

If we have to change the sentence in active to passive voice, the subject comes in the later half of the sentence..

What is the correct passive form of the verb we should help the poor?

Answer. Answer: The poor would be helped by us.

Where do I hide my money change into passive voice?

Answer. The answer is ‘Where should my money be hidden?’ Regards.

Can you help me in passive voice?

“help me” by itself is not complete. There is any implied subject such as “You help me.” Simple rules for changing to passive voice. 3 Add verb to be according to tense and change verb to past participle.

Can it be repaired in active voice?

✔️ Can Someone repair it? => Subj+ helping verb+MV3+obj.

What do you do change into passive voice?

Answer Expert Verified In order to convert active into passive, it is important to omit primary auxiliary verbs such as do, does or did. Words such as why, what and when remain at the same position as in the active voice.  So, the correct answer is what is wanted by you.

Why did the teacher punish the students change the voice?

Answer. if the sentence in active voice is ‘Why did the teacher punish him?’ Then on converting it into passive voice it will become ‘why was he punished by the teacher’. … Passive voice is mostly in the past participle form.

Do it just now change the voice?

Your answer : Let it be done now. Hope this helps.

Should you never tell a lie passive voice?

Answer: The passive voice for the sentence, “Never tell a lie” will be. A lie should never be told. … Active voice is the one in which the subject comes first and the predicate comes after it whereas the in case of passive voice the place of subject and predicate is interchanged and now the predicate/verb comes first.

How can I change my voice?

You can change the sound of your Google Assistant’s voice….Google Assistant on speaker or Smart DisplayOn your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Home app .At the top right, tap your Profile picture or initial. Assistant settings.Under “All settings,” tap Assistant voice.Choose a voice.

Who broke the chair into passive voice?

In the clause in question the object of the verb “broke” is “his chair”. This will be the subject of the passive voice clause. “who” the subject of the active voice will become “whom” preceded by “by”. So the passive voice would be something like: “His chair was broken by whom?”

Do you always speak the truth change the voice?

Answer. The passive voice of “Always speak the truth” may have number of alternatives: 1)The truth must be spoken always. … 3)The truth ought to be spoken always.

Do they speak English in passive voice?

We don’t use the passive voice this way. If you know who the agent (the doer) is, and there’s no reason to disguise the agent, you should use the active voice: She speaks English very well. Yes, it is obvious that you are speaking of only one person, so Richard’s sentence is the one to use.

How was it done by you change the voice?

Answer: “It is done” is a sentence in the passive voice. The subject or the person doing the action is hidden / implied / understood by context. But if we know that person, we can extend the sentence as : “It is done by Tim.”

Which Cannot be cured must be endured?

Prov. If you cannot do anything about a problem, you will have to live with it. Alan: No matter what I do, I can’t make the dog stop barking in the middle of the night.

What is done Cannot be undone voice change?

What is the active voice of “What is done can’t be undone.”? … The active voice of this is, “No one can undo what is done.” That’s a tad awkward, though, so this might be one of the few times where the passive voice sounds better than the active!

What is the passive voice of please help me?

Your answer : You’re requested to help me.

What Cannot be cured must be endured change the voice?

Passive voice is the voice used to show an interest in the object or person who experienced the action rather upon the action performer. … Therefore, the above passive sentence when written in active voice, it would be: You must endure what you cannot cure.

What is the passive voice of always speak the truth?

Originally Answered: What is the passive voice of “always speak the truth”? This is an imperative. Imperatives do not have a passive form. “I was told to always speak the truth” is the passive of “He told me to always speak the truth”, an indicative sentence.

Why should I be suspected by you change the voice?

Explanation: Why should I be suspected by you is a passive voice and by converting it into an active voice it will become: Why should you suspect me, this is an active voice.

Do you like milk change into passive voice?

Answer: I like milk . Explanation: Marks as a brainliest.