What Celebrities Birthday Is August 2nd?

Who died on 2nd August?

Died On August 2ndWarren G.


President of the U.S.Roy Cohn.

Lawyer.Alexander Graham Bell.

Canadian, Scottish.

Inventor of Telephone.Paul von Hindenburg.

General, Second President of Weimar Republic.Wild Bill Hickok.

Gunfighter.Fela Kuti.


William S.


William II of England.

King of England.More items….

What is special about 2nd August?

2 August (First Sunday of August) – Friendship Day Gradually Friendship Day gained popularity and various countries including India also celebrate this day.

What celebrities are born in August?

Celebrity Birthdays: Aug. 1Adam Duritz. Rock singer Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) is 56. … Chuck D. Rapper Chuck D (Public Enemy) is 60. … Coolio. Rapper Coolio is 57.Demian Bichir. Actor Demian Bichir is 57. … Ella Wahlestedt. Actress Ella Wahlestedt is 22. … Giancarlo Giannini. Actor Giancarlo Giannini is 78. … Jason Momoa. … Jennifer Gareis.More items…•

What is the sign of August 2?

LeoAugust 2nd Zodiac Being a Leo born on August 2nd, you are known for your optimism, sense of humor and inspiring personality.

What holiday is Aug 2?

August 2nd, 2020 is Friendship Day Many sources …

Who was born on August 2?

More celebrities with birthdays today Actor Nehemiah Persoff is 101. Rock musician Garth Hudson (The Band) is 83. Singer Kathy Lennon (The Lennon Sisters) is 77. Actor Joanna Cassidy is 75.