What Type Of Word Is Clasp?

What kind of word is sociable?


inclined to associate with or be in the company of others.

friendly or agreeable in company; companionable.

characterized by agreeable companionship: a sociable evening at the home of friends..

What is a combination clasp?

A combination clasp is a circumferential retainer for a removable dental prosthesis that has a cast reciprocal arm and a wrought wire retentive clasp (GPT8). It consists of a wrought wire retentive arm and a cast reciprocal arm. The combination of a wrought alloy and cast alloy gives it the name ‘combination clasp’.

What is clasp assembly?

A CLASP ASSEMBLY is the part of an RPD that acts as a direct retainer and/or stabilizer for the prosthesis by partially encompassing or contacting an abutment tooth. … Most RPDs utilize clasp assemblies as direct retainers.

What is circumferential clasp?

1. a clasp that encircles more than 180° of a tooth, including opposite angles, and that usually contacts the tooth throughout the extent of the clasp, at least one terminal being in the infrabulge (gingival convergence) area; 2.

What is a clasp?

A clasp is a fastener. To clasp is to hold tightly. In all uses of the word, clasp means to hold together tightly. You want your bracelet or belt clasp to be strong so it doesn’t come apart. And when you take a child on a walk across a busy intersection, you clasp their hand tightly.

What type of word is finish?

adjective. ended or completed. completed or perfected in all details, as a product: to pack and ship finished items.

What is dental clasp?

(klasp), 1. A part of a removable partial denture that acts as a direct retainer or stabilizer for the denture by partially surrounding or contacting an abutment tooth.

What finish means sexually?

The word has many meanings but one of it’s informal ones refers to the climax during sex ie. having an orgasm or ejaculating. If you finish before your partner it means you climaxed or came before they did.

What type of verb is finish?

finish. 1[transitive, intransitive] to stop doing something or making something because it is complete finish (something) Haven’t you finished your homework yet?

Is clasp a real word?

If you clasp someone or something, you hold them tightly in your hands or arms. Clasp is also a noun.

What type of word is anchor?

anchor verb (FASTEN) to make something or someone stay in one position by fastening him, her, or it firmly: We anchored ourselves to the rocks with a rope.

What is the similar meaning of clasp?

SYNONYMS FOR clasp 1 brooch, pin, clip, hook, catch. 3 hug.