Which Fraction Is Greater In Each Pair?

Which fraction is bigger 2/4 or 2 3?

The illustration shows that 3⁄4 is equal to 9⁄12 and 2⁄ 3 is equal to 8/12.

Once each fraction is renamed with a common denominator, you can compare the numerators – the larger the numerator the larger the fraction.

Since 3⁄4 is greater than 2⁄3, you will select the > symbol..

Which is greater 3/5 or 7 10 and by how much?

Answer. Explanation: 7/10 is greater than 3/5 as as by dividing 7 by 10 we get . 7 and by dividing 3 by 5 we get .

Which of the following fraction is the smallest?

Answer. Therefore, 5/7 is the smallest of all.

What fractions are equal to 2 3?

2/3 = 2×4 / 3×4 = 8/12 which is an equivalent fraction of 2/3. Similarly, if we divide the numerator and denominator of 12/18 by 6 we get. 12/18 = 12÷6 / 18÷6 = 2/3. So 12/18 is an equivalent fraction of 2/3 as well.

What fraction is bigger 7/8 or 910?

The numerator of the first fraction 35 is less than the numerator of the second fraction 36 , which means that the first fraction 3540 is less than the second fraction 3640 and that 78 is less than 910 .

Which fraction is least to greatest?

Use the top number to order the fractions. Now that they all have the same denominator, the fractions are easy to compare. Use their top number, or numerator, to rank them from least to greatest. Ranking the fractions we found above, we get: 6/18, 12/18, 15/18.

How do you determine which fraction is greater?

Step 1: Compare denominators. If they are different, rewrite one or both fractions with a common denominator. Step 2: Check the numerators. If the denominators are the same, then the fraction with the greater numerator is the greater fraction.

Can I simplify this fraction?

In order to simplify a fraction there must be: A number that will divide evenly into both the numerator and denominator so it can be reduced, or. The numerator must be greater than the denominator, (an improper fraction), so it can be converted to a mixed number.

What is the largest fraction?

👉The fraction with the smallest numerator is the least. 👉The fraction with the biggest numerator is the greatest. That’s right! When written in order from least to greatest, you have 6/12 < 8/12 < 9/12.

What is proper fraction?

: a fraction in which the numerator is less or of lower degree than the denominator.

Which fraction is bigger 3/5 or 2 3?

The denominator 3 in the fraction 2/3 means that the unit has less parts, making the parts larger. Therefore, 2/3 is larger than 2/5 . The larger the denominator the smaller the fraction. The fractions 3/4 and 5/8 have unlike denominators and unlike numerators.

What is a reduced fraction?

A fraction written in lowest terms, i.e., by dividing numerator and denominator through by their greatest common divisor. . For example, 2/3 is the reduced fraction of 8/12.

What fraction is 3/4 more than 2 3?

Answer:0.75 is greater than 0.667. Therefore, 3/4 is greater than 2/3 and the answer to the question “Is 3/4 greater than 2/3?” is yes. Note: When comparing fractions such as 3/4 and 2/3, you could also convert the fractions (if necessary) so they have the same denominator and then compare which numerator is larger.

What is 1.5% as a fraction?

Example ValuesPercentDecimalFraction100%1125%1.255/4150%1.53/2200%212 more rows

What fraction is 3/8 equivalent to?

Decimal and Fraction ConversionFractionEquivalent Fractions3/86/169/245/810/1615/247/814/1621/241/92/183/2723 more rows