Who Is The Weakest JoJo Character?

Who is the hottest Joestar?

Jonathan JoestarJonathan Joestar.

10.3% Dio Brando.

29.3% Jotaro Kujo..

Who is the kindest Jojo?

Josuke Higashikata6 Josuke Higashikata: The Kindest Of The Joestars Josuke is the protag of Diamond Is Unbreakable and a total flower-child. He’s situationally hot-blooded, but also kind and helpful.

Can any Jojo character beat Goku?

Sure, several characters can beat Goku with zero effort. — The most powerful one would be Dio. With his The World Over Heaven stand Goku would stand subzero chances of doing anything to Dio. This stand grants the ability to rewrite reality in any point in time.

Who is the most liked JoJo character?

Dio Brando or simply DIO is the most iconic character from the series along with Jotaro Kujo. DIO fought against three generations of Joestars and he caused them a lot of pain and agony.

Can Giorno beat Goku?

Literally the only character who could defeat defeat Giorno was Dio Over Heaven, and he can bend reality however he pleases. Goku’s will may turn to 0, turning any form he is in, back to his black haired form, not being able to fight or move, letting Giorno hit him.

Who is the smartest JoJo villain?

Theoretically, Kars has 400 IQ, but he acted very irrational. Dio? Well… he has one of the most powerful power in JoJo – time stop. If he wasn’t cocky, he could easily kill Joestar group at the moment when they entered to his mansion.

Who is the smartest character in anime?

The 20 Smartest Anime Characters of All-TimeLight Yagami. Light Yagami is the protagonist character of the manga series Death Note. … L Lawliet. L Lawliet is another character from the manga series Death Note. … Lelouch Lamperouge. … Shikamaru Nara.

Was Kakyoin originally a girl?

It had something to do with araki wanting a female crusader, but the editor said it was a bad idea to have a girl as a main character in a shounen manga. So araki went with a softer male to foil jotaro instead. It didnt directly say kakyoin was going to be a girl, just that he replaced the idea of a girl.

Who is the strongest stand?

Heroes and villains alike in the series can be real powerhouses, and in the right hands, a stand can do just about anything.1 The World Over Heaven.2 Gold Experience Requiem. … 3 Made in Heaven. … 4 Tusk Act 4. … 5 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheep (D4C) … 6 King Crimson/Epitaph. … 7 Star Platinum. … 8 Cream. … More items…•

Did jotaro get weaker?

well jotaro actually has gotten weaker in part 4 and he was impressed by josukes stand power, speed and strength. While star platinum is strong, crazy diamond shows that he could beat him.

Who is the smartest Joestar?

3 Jotaro Kujo With his doctorate in Marine Biology, on paper, Jotaro Kujo is probably the smartest guy on this list, but beyond that, he’s also a pretty quick-witted person.

Did jotaro marry Anne?

There are theories that Jotaro married her, but nothing is confirmed. HIGH MOUNTAINS!! It’s confirmed he didn’t. Jotaro’s wife and Anne look nothing at all alike.

How did hol horse die?

However, Boingo’s last prediction fails when Hol Horse, having to shot his bullets in a pipe on noon, discovers that his clock was broken. The bullets end hitting Hol Horse, who ends in the hospital along with Boingo.

Does Giorno marry Trish?

Did Giorno marry Trish? He doesn’t, everything after part 5 is basically just a mystery besides purple haze feedback. … Giorno’s outfit was what set a lot of people off but they often forget the location Giorno is in and that he’s Italian.

What is Kars IQ?

After he transforms into the Ultimate Life Form, his IQ is stated to be 400; a level far, far higher than that of even the most intelligent human. Superhuman Senses: Kars can sense the heat and air pressure around him by forming antennae.

Is Jonathan Joestar the weakest JoJo?

Jonathan is also stronger than George Joestar (his dad). But out of the main characters he’s the weakest.

Who is the coolest JoJo?

Top 25 Best Characters In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Ranked)Gappy (Josuke Higashikata) From Part 8: JoJolion.Bruno Bucciarati. From Part 5: Golden Wind. … Gyro Zeppeli. From Part 7: Steel Ball Run. … Johnny Joestar. From Part 7: Steel Ball Run. … Funny Valentine. From Part 7: Steel Ball Run. … Dio Brando (DIO) (Diego Brando) From Part 1: Phantom Blood. … Yoshikage Kira. … Rohan Kishibe. … More items…

Who is stronger jotaro or giorno?

2: Giorno would win since he managed to beat Diavolo within erased time, meaning he’s acausal and Jotaro’s timestop would not affect him. Then the latter would be sent in a death loop. I’m pretty sure SPOH would win since because it copies the abilities of TWOH.

Is Kars stronger than Dio?

Kars is way stronger than dio is especially with the world. The only way dio can beat kars is heaven ascension dio. Heaven ascension dio can rewrite anything it punches. It also has other god like powers and Kars cant beat him but original dio loses.

Why did JoJo characters get skinny?

They become thinner and thinner, with less and less clothes and more skin showing. It’s just better for design, Araki was making his characters too similar. The Stardust Crusaders were all basically the same body with different hairstyles and clothes.